Thomas Valdez

After 8 years studying medicine, 3 years of a grueling residency, I had finally reached my career plateau. As I prepared for working my first day as a full-fledged attending doctor I looked in the mirror proudly with my new white jacket. As I looked closer through I realized that my teeth appeared nothing similar to the color of my white jacket.

In December 2011, I discovered PROMTA Dental Clinic on a trip to Colombia. I read the reviews of other who had completed treatment at PROMTA and I decided to give them a call.

From the first appointment where I was anxious about meeting the cosmetic dentist to last day seeing the changes not only my teeth but my confidence had made was incredible.

There are many reasons I would recommend PROMTA from the results delivered to the flexibility of the appointments and the modern facilities reasonable prices, the number one reason is without doubt the staff and in my case Dr Fernandez. Thank you for making me feel like your most important patient.

Thomas Valdez