Orthodontics in Medellín

Orthodontics is responsible for correcting the proper position of the teeth to improve aesthetics and masticatory function.
There are many types of orthodontics that we do at PROMTA Dental Clinic:

Conventional orthodontics: Brackets are used to contain default information that helps position and align the maxillary teeth properly managing a smile aesthetics. They can be metal or other materials.

Transparent orthodontic brackets:
It is similar to conventional orthodontics, the difference is that it is more aesthetic because the colors of the brackets are similar to those of the teeth and are used when high demands on aesthetics.

Damon Orthodontic System:
The difference with "conventional" orthodontics is that in the normal arch brackets ligated with elastic or metal ligature, and the self-ligating and not, as they bring a clip that ties the bow at 100% and this causes friction is minor movements are achieved more quickly.

Conducting a clinical examination, dental molded, facial and intra oral photographs and radiographs allow us to make an appropriate and personalized treatment plan.