Miths of dental tourism

There are a number of myths about dental tourism; people have assumptions about dental tourism in relation to costs, quality, safety, economy and practicality. Here some of the major myths

Low cost associated

In Medellin, Colombia we have prestigious universities that guarantee the quality of our professional team, we are worthy of certification ISO 9001:2008 ICONTEC and AAAASFI supporting quality in all our processes, lower costs are associated with the exchange rate against the dollar and our qualified labor is less expensive than in America.

Traveling abroad dental care is safe

Traveling abroad is safe you might be familiarize with local laws and take steps to ensure a peaceful stay, do not use value objects and make sure you get appropriate travel insurance.
The International Office is open to give you the information you require.

Health insurance dose not cover dental tourism

Some insurance plans cover dental tourism; you should contact your dental insurance provider to see if is covered. Never assume that their insurance does not cover dental tourism, some insurance companies are more willing to offer coverage because costs are lower.

The cost of dental tourism

Although it can be expensive to plan a trip abroad, you can save a considerable amount of money through the dental tourism, especially if you require major dental work. Often, the cost of travel shall not exceed the benefits of getting dental work with excellent results.