Promotion and Prevention


All patients and their families enter a promotion and prevention program before begin treatment which consists in an educational conference and hygiene appointment every 3 or 6 months depending on their pre classification.

The conference aims to educate and motivate the patient the care they should have with their teeth, which use physical and visual teaching tools to inform you about techniques, tools and oral hygiene products, major oral diseases (cavities and periodontitis) its causes and how to prevent and systemic diseases that affect oral health.

At the appointment with the hygienist will performed plaque control, instruction in techniques of tooth brushing, floss and mouthwash, finally application of fluoride or chlorhexidine.
We offer the preventive diagnosis using the DIAGNODENT laser, which detects cavities in their early formation which prevents the completion of extensive restoration.

We do Promotion and Prevention events on which we make extramural playgrounds, puppets, projections, multimedia and dental review.