Our Clinic

Policies and Values
Professionalism: We put ourtime, effort, intelligence, heart and the high estethical and moral values to achieve the goals and out comes proposed by the institution for our patients and society.

Responsibility: We are committed to acquired when the customer chose us and put their oral health in our hands, waiting to receive a high quality service..

Optimism: We have faith that the human talent and commitment of our work we can build a business for the future that transcends time and that makes the crisis an opportunity to continue moving forward.

Continuous Improvement: work towards achieving a culture that allows us as people, as an institution to be excellent in what we do, based on our intellectual and spiritual growth

Form of coexistence in PROMTA, where we know and respect our rights and duties and the other in a spirit of solidarity, companionship, friendship and respect.

: The treatment, respect, punctuality and our best human qualities of will get to serve our clients by making them feel special and unique beings

Provide health services of excellent quality, putting the heart and intelligence to satisfy our customers.

To be an established company, sustainable, profitable, with excellent quality service, a culture of continuous improvement and social responsibility.