Cluster of Medicine and Dentistry of Medellin

cluster2The Cluster is a regional development strategy promoted by the Municipality of Medellin as a government entity and the Chamber of Commerce of Medellin and supported by recognized institutions of the city.

It is the largest concentration of prestigious companies and institutions specialized in medicine, dentistry, education and research in Colombia, which interact with each other creating a business climate that enhances their performance, competitiveness and quality for the benefit of the patient. VER SITIO


National government agency created in 1977 to monitor the quiality of the healthcare system, monitor and protect the rights of users to ensure optimal service delivery.

ISO 9001:2008 and IQNET

Promta has been certified in the system of quality management by ICONTECT with ISO standard 9001:2008 in all dental services provided at our institution.

This accreditation in recognized worldwide, more than 200.000 companies are certified in about 150 countries, as it allows the patient to ensure standardization in all process and security that has in the organization of the realization of treatment under the best standard. VER SITIO

The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc –AAAASFI. Is an international accreditor from the United States which develops and operates standards of quality and excellence in institutions that perform ambulatory procedures, ensuring national and international patients to have a world class care. VER SITIO

Medellin Health City

It's a City Mark which projects to the world all the services and procedures unther the Cluster of Medicine and Dentistry for international patients.
Interactive website where patients can resolve global concerns, practical information and make specific procedural requirements.VER SITIO

Medical Tourism Association

The Medical Tourism Association MTA is the first and only international non-profit organizations in the medical tourism industry and global health, composed of top international hospitals, healthcare providers, medical tourism facilitators, insurance companies, among others, to promote the highest level of quality healthcare for patients worldwide.